Online Language Coaching Sessions and Workshops

Live and real time online collaboration environments designed
for language coaching over the Internet

Combining the Flexibility of Online Courses with the Power of Live, Interactive sessions and Workshops

The ELC Virtual Training Rooms are live and interactive online collaboration environments that allow learners to participate in live classes, lectures, online seminars, group sessions, individual one–on–one language coaching sessions and webinars.

With our specialised language coaches you can choose to join virtual courses and enjoy focused as well as interesting learning sessions.

ELC uses Zoom to provide training environments for Language Coaching.

Details of the Zoom sessions and how to login will be emailed to you.

What to expect

These master classes are ideal for people who wish to correct their language issues and reach higher levels and a more professional use of a language.

Neurolanguage Coaches ® will detect the language issues and mistakes from conversations with all participants and then proceed to correct and assist the participants to practise the corrected language. This is an extremely specialised, spontaneous and personalised language coaching session with only 5 participants for a one hour session.

Neurolanguage Coaches ® will clarify any doubts you may have regarding the tenses in the English Language. The differences between tenses will be clearly explained and practised. This is an excellent session for people who are confused by the tenses or who wish to become more confident using the whole range from Past Perfect to Future. With only 5 participants in each session, the topic is widely discussed with interactive exchange to facilitate continuous practice and consolidation.

Explore the uses of Adjectives and Adverbs. Learning how to position, how to compare and how to add descriptive language to ordinary language. Both adjectives and adverbs bring additional information into language and this masterclass will demonstrate how to use both more efficiently and effectively.

Neurolanguage Coaches ® will not only go through the normal Future tenses but also all expressions and modes of expressing the future in the English language, through probability and possibility and how to use all expressions appropriately. Learn in one session just how to express yourself correctly in the future and not only through the verbs, but also through idioms.

These classes allow you to continue to practise with us and at the same time practise and exercise their English in groups. It is really important to keep the language going especially when you have reached a certain level. So we hold two conversational groups per week, purely to get the participants practising and speaking as much as possible during the session of one hour. There will be a maximum of 8 participants per session and we will choose topical themes to discuss during the session. Vocabulary and idioms will be highlighted and then practised with one of our language coaches.