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As the world becomes more globalized; as business becomes more and more cross border; as technology becomes more and more sophisticated allowing for wider geographical trade areas, the more necessary it becomes to understand how to communicate not only on a language level but also on a humanistic level. So how can companies ensure employees perform to their best abilities in an international arena and therefore pull in more business, better business and secure or maintain existing business?

One of the basic and most simple tips for a company is to “normalize” languages. What do we mean with “normalize”? We now know that the brain loves to work in an automatic perceptive state; think about your drive to work this morning. Can you remember your drive to work? Were you thinking about something else while you were driving? This is the brain functioning in automatic. Interested in learning more?

What our clients have to say

Wonderful and Highly-Professional

Liz has been a wonderful and highly-professional teacher, leading our English lessons efficiently and proficiently. Her tailored approach has proved to be successful, and we really got along during our conversations. I’ve really enjoyed practising English with her, trying to stay on top of things and following her tips on how to improve my vocabulary and my knowledge of idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs. I take the rap for any mistake in this review and I presume it will be hard for me to find another teacher like Liz!!

Francesco Masci (Liz Bufton’s coachee)
UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A - Italy

Dynamic, motivating and committed

Helen coached me in English when I was preparing to take an international job. She was instrumental in building my confidence to move into working in English. Dynamic, motivating and committed, Helen is a wonderful coach.

Magali Pretin - France (Helen Gournay’s coachee)
Responsable Ressources Humaines et Finance chez Enfants d'Asie

Informative, practical, and fun

I was new to Portuguese, and did not consider myself a natural language learner. Marília’s love of language and teaching, and her dedication to her passion, made lessons with her a delight. Every lesson with her just flew, the lessons were informative, practical, and fun. I never wanted the classes to end. Every class was designed to build on the last lesson, and Marília was open and happy to discuss learning challenges. After 5 weeks and almost daily lessons, I was amazed at what I had learned, and (2 months) later back in Australia, what I have retained. She is an outstanding teacher, outcome and detail focused. Marília often talked about the teacher / student relationship being a flexible partnership, that both contribute to for a common outcome, and to the individual goals also. I could not agree more. If you are lucky enough to have Marília as your teacher, it will be an experience you will never forget. I hope to be able to engage her again when I return to Brazil. She is simply the best you will find. (Christopher Bayliss, Australia – Marília Araujo Schmitz’s coachee)

Christopher Bayliss, Australia – (Marília Araujo Schmitz’s coachee)

Wonderful ideas to carry out in class

I´ve had the opportunity of taking Coaching sessions in Spanish with Catarina, and they proved to be really useful. Together we dived into the world of some of my high school students with entangled personal lives, which affect their process of learning at school. We got wonderful ideas to carry out in class, so the students could perceive different ways of learning as well as dealing with their attention and focus on their tasks and activities. (Catarina Mendes, Certified Professional Coach and Trainer, Portugal – Nora Vergara’s coachee)

Catarina Mendes, Certified Professional Coach and Trainer, Portugal – (Nora Vergara’s coachee)

Classes tailored perfectly according to your expectations

Struggling to find a course in Catalan that would meet my needs, I turned to Skype classes, and was lucky enough to get in touch with Mònica. She tailors the classes perfectly according to your expectations and previous knowledge, in a way that no course can match. With a great ability to create a learning environment that is encouraging and positive, Mònica’s enthusiasm and creativity turns learning into pleasure. Learning, and starting to speak, a new language has never been as easy, fun and fast. If you are looking to improve your Spanish or Catalan skills I can only urge you to contact Mònica. You will not regret it. 

Sanna Findahl, Urban Planner, Botkyrka Municipality, Sweden – (Monica Barnes’s coachee)

Neurolanguage Coaching ® for Business

How we can help you:

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What makes Neurolanguage Coaching ®
ideal for your business?

The whole process of Neurolanguage Coaching ® is geared towards assisting companies to keep costs down. The structure of the process is such that each step of the language learning path can be measured: ideally both in a subjective way but also in an objective way with the connection of KPIs to the language learning process. 

In this way, companies can control the costs of courses but also measure the results; leading to a cost-effective process on all sides.

Reasons Clever Companies are Championing Language Excellence

The world is continuously getting smaller and businesses are increasingly breaking out beyond borders; even the smallest of provincial companies now understand the importance of speaking languages. But it does not stop there: LANGUAGES mean much, much more than that. Language Excellence signifies embracing cultural differences, diversity and inclusion par excellence and a deeper, more meaningful degree of communication and comprehension among employees and management.

If you are a company in need of a Language Excellence Policy, contact us and we will be happy to carry out a “Language, Culture and Communication Diagnostic” with you.

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Intensive Language Coaching Workshops for Businesses

Global presence signifies multilingual knowledge and companies that recognize and encourage language skills and provide the right language training to hone language skills greatly benefit from the knock-on effect of expansion and increasing worldwide business. 

Companies now are understanding the importance of the right approach to language learning: language should be coached beyond language into cultural comprehension and impacting communication. From neuroscience, companies now understand that each brain is unique; each brain is different and pushing people into large learning groups and paying “dumping prices” are no longer acceptably efficient ways of language training. 

In addition, global HR now recognize that linguistically competent employees should reflect and consider the best suited language services for their company and not process driven administrative staff who have no clue about learning languages and no experience of speaking languages themselves! 

Ultimately, companies just drain money away on ineffective learning. Clever companies appreciate that they are accustomed to paying thousands for business consultants and therefore are prepared to pay higher prices for “language consultants”, “language trouble shooters” and “language coaches”. 

Brain-friendly Neurolanguage Coaching ® (trademark in the name of RM Paling) is often used as an approach that embraces how the brain potentially learns best; how the learning can be extremely focused and how language goes beyond simply understanding words, but into that deeper comprehension of cultural and communicative aspects that ensure doing business worldwide with certainty and greater sensitivity.