What we do

We distinguish ourselves from ordinary language training as we focus and coach our clients according to the needs, requirements and specific topics/lacking skills of each individual, creating targets and integrating coaching techniques for a deeper and faster learning of the language/language topic.

Our principal mission is to assist the client to reach higher language levels in a most efficient and effective way.

Our definition of “ELC Language Coaching” through neuroscience is:

“Language Coaching is the efficient and fast transfer of language knowledge from the Language Coach to the Language Coachee with sustainable effects facilitated by brain based coaching and coaching principles.”

In the international arena today, we know that our clients require language experts in areas such as legal finance, human resources or soft skill areas such as presentations, negotiations or business meeting language. Clients can build up confidence in all language areas to a level of comfort and ease when dealing cross-border. In addition we offer integrated cultural training and life experience within the language context to assist the client to understand why certain expressions are used and which expressions are better to use and which to avoid. By setting clear goals and objectives clients can reach their targets faster and deepen their language knowledge continuously so that they feel empowered and confident speaking another language.

Who we are

Efficient Language Coaching Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Rachel Marie Paling with the idea of creating a team of like-minded language coaches with different professional backgrounds, teaching qualifications or experience as well as coaching qualifications with the object of transferring language knowledge, know-how and experience to clients in varied sectors and fields of competence to offer an advanced, efficient and targeted learning of language. We are the first worldwide to offer language coaching.

Today Efficient Language Coaching Ltd. is proud of its team composed of professionals in law, finance, journalism, engineering, architecture, marketing, management, international business administration, health care sector, energy sector, medical sector, health and safety, renewable energy fields, theatre and psychology etc etc Not only in English but also in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic and Russian.

We offer individual one-to-one coaching and also for groups. In addition we offer a range of our interactive Seminars on specific topics such as English for human resources, for health and safety, for banking, for the service industry, for finance.

At Efficient Language Coaching Ltd. we offer in-house company coaching services in the area and seminars across Germany and internationally.

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